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Handy with Apple's new Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple announced new Smart Battery Cases for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max on Wednesday, offering longer battery life for its latest flagship smartphones.

The first orders for Smart Battery Cases are received today by customers, and the cases are commercially available. Therefore, we have selected one to give readers of MacRumors an overview of the features and differences compared to last year's Smart Battery Case.

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In terms of design, the Smart Battery Cases for the "iPhone 11" and "11 Pro" models look identical to the previous generation's battery packs, with the exception of the square camera section for capturing the dual and triple lens camera systems in the new iPhones ,

This year's case has the same bump on the back, which contains the battery to charge the iPhone, and is about as thick as last year's model.

There are volume buttons on the side, an on / off switch, and on the right side a brand new button that acts as camera control. You can press the button to start the camera app automatically, regardless of whether the iPhone is locked or unlocked.

The first time you press the button, the Camera app opens. However, if you open the app, pressing it again will take a photo. Press and hold to capture a QuickTake video. Pressing once also works with the selfie camera.

Apple offers the smart phone cases "iPhone 11 Pro" and "Pro Max" in the colors black, white and pink, while the Smart Battery Case "iPhone 11" is limited to black and white. The black color of the new cases has shifted. Last year, Apple used a black case with a coal logo, but this year the whole case is the lighter carbon color with a deeper black logo.

In the "iPhone 11 Pro Max" version of the "Smart Battery Case", there are two battery cells with 1,430 mAh compared to the 1,369 mAh battery cells used in the iPhone XS Max "Smart Battery Case" last year. The two battery cells are wired to a battery, so that the housings can deliver 10.9 Wh of power (compared to 10.1 Wh in the earlier XS Max model).

Apple states that all new battery compartments extend the battery life of the iPhone by up to 50 percent. This equates to an additional 9 hours of video playback for the 11 Pro and an additional video playback of 10 hours of playback for the 11 PRo Max and 8.5 hours of additional video playback for the "iPhone 11".

If the "Smart Battery Case" is attached to an iPhone, the iPhone will empty the case first before using the built-in battery. This is done automatically and can not be turned off. The battery life of the case may be displayed on the lock screen when it is in a charger or in the Today view of the Notification Center.

The case can be charged using a Lightning cable or a Qi-based wireless charger. The iPhone is always charged before the case when the two are charged together. For those with Lightning-based headphones and accessories, the Lightning port on the "Smart Battery Case" features pass-through capabilities.

Smart Battery Cases can be purchased from the Apple Online Store or the Apple Retail Store, and all three new cases cost $ 129.

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