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Has LG just teased another expandable smartphone?

LG Wing, the new 5G smartphone with a swiveling display, was announced on Monday via a recorded virtual announcement. At the very end of that 45-minute presentation, the South Korean tech giant also teased another device with an expanded display.

Although the presentation lasted a few seconds, the darkened profile of a smartphone was visible and appeared to have an extendable chin. That leads us to believe that LG is keen to push their Explorer project, which promises all sorts of new designs for phones.

lg teases expandable phone

(Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

The presentation showed the new phone in the past 13 seconds. In fact, the event ends with the smartphone’s silhouette completely expanding into a single display that glows and transforms into the words “Hold your Breath”, followed by the title LG Explorer Project. The clip was made available by CNET, which first discovered it.

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