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Hastr0 gives his opinion on how Riot’s Sagittarius spells the fate of Valve’s

It is not every day that the owner of an esports organization stands in front of the camera as the success of one game “kills” the other. Therefore, hastr0’s perspective on the entire debate between CS: GO and Valorant is very interesting.

Team Envy owner Mike ‘hastr0’ Rufail has taken a closer look at why he feels CS: GO is dying from Valorant.

Well, in all honesty, Valorant is totally designed to be a top esport, but up against a game that seems to have been here for a decade and then is the cause of its destruction are some pretty bold claims indeed.

CS: GO has given some of the best moments in esports history, spawning superstars like nitr0, Hiko and Skadoodle who have long since switched to Valorant. Therefore, CS: GO dying in the minds of many FPS fans is, at best, a very imaginative thought.

Why does hastr0 feel that Valorant is killing CS: GO?

hastr0 believes that Valorant means the fate of CS: GO

When it comes to competitive integrity, Valorant developers keep this one aspect of the game as their top priority.

Hacking issues, fraud, match fixing, and deploying 128 tick servers are first on their list and Riot takes these matters very seriously. And that’s exactly why the Anti-Cheat Vanguard is refined and strict.

For all of these many reasons, many CS: GO players (both professionals and average players) have switched their base to Valorant.

In a discussion with Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez on the subject of players leaving Valve’s shooters, hastr0 commented “Times are changing” and “If Riot does for Valorant what they do for League of Legends, there is no reason why it shouldn’t should be huge … “I’m in because I think what they did with League of Legends is fantastic for the sport, so I’m only trusting Riot to repeat that for Valorant. “

In many ways, hastr0’s stance sheds a lot of light on the entire Valorant CS: GO debate. Riot has indeed done an incredible job at League of Legends as much of the game’s competitive integrity is very intact while CS: GO is full of scandals.

Published September 15, 2020 11:04 am IST

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