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HBO Max and Ava DuVernay are making a series based on @OnePerfectShot’s Twitter

Ava DuVernay is working with HBO Max and the team behind Twitter’s popular One Perfect Shot account to create a half-hour documentary series of the same name, the company announced today.

A perfect shot I’ll be watching an iconic take from various films, with the directors of those films walking viewers through a detailed breakdown of how they were made. Each episode will feature a different director who, according to a press release, “walks through the scene in 360 moments and enables viewers to join in an immersive exploration of filmmaking”. Basically, think of the show as a celebration of cinematography. DuVernay who directed A fold in time, Selma, 1

3 ..and created Netflix When they see us, should narrate the series and produce in full. A perfect shot is focused on the very act of filmmaking – the technology and behind-the-scenes work that makes films.

“I’ve wanted to do a series on the art of governance for a long time,” said DuVernay. “Recording the craft of great filmmakers is a dream come true for me and all of us at ARRAY Filmworks.”

The One Perfect Shot Twitter account with just over 560,000 followers was launched in 2013 by filmmaker Geoff Todd. In 2016, ownership of the account was transferred to Neil Miller Publishing House and added to the Film School Rejects portfolio. Since then, the account has grown, and Miller launched a newsletter of the same name to continue talking about the art of filmmaking. Here’s a quick snippet of why Miller and Todd believe One Perfect Shot has become as popular as it is online:

We are fans of the job. We are obsessed with every scene, image and film technique. We are often drawn to sophisticated, detail-oriented filmmaking and storytelling. We love filmmakers who use the entire framework regardless of their medium. And most of all, we love learning about the craft of filmmaking. Whether it’s the director’s comment track on a home video release, a deep dive essay explaining a film technique, a thoughtful video essay, or a conversation with someone working on the set, we always try to figuring out how the things we love are made.

There is no anticipated premiere date for the show or a list of directors currently attached.

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