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HBO Max taps Crunchyroll to offer top anime shows at launch

WarnerMedia has announced it will offer a number of Crunchyroll anime shows when the HBO Max streaming service starts later this month. WarnerMedia says fans can expect a total of 17 anime titles from May 27, including popular shows, director’s cuts, and more. HBO Max subscribers also have access to part of the Crunchyroll catalog.

Crunchyroll is the streaming destination for a huge catalog of anime shows, including a number of originals recently announced by the company. WarnerMedia will offer a number of these shows to its users in the United States – with both subtitles and dubs. Include titles Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, keep your hands off Eizouken, and more.

HBO Max subscribers also get access to the original Crunchyroll show In / Specter As part of its plan, Crunchyroll will also provide access to a collection of shows from its large content library, including titles such as Kill la Kill, ERASED, Bungo Stray Dogs, Wonderful World !, Rurouni Kenshin, and more.

WarnerMedia says Crunchyroll will curate additional “top” animated shows for HBO Max subscribers every quarter as part of this agreement to keep content up to date. The selection should appeal to existing as well as new anime fans ̵

1; one of the expected titles in the first year of this deal Death notice and Hunter X Hunter.

Kevin Reilly, Chief Content Officer of HBO Max, said:

Anime is a celebrated, diverse art form with a rich culture rooted in imaginative worlds and vibrant characters. Crunchyroll has centralized these fantastic adventures for everyone. This collaboration with the WarnerMedia family combines an incredible collection of content with a passionate fandom, and HBO Max is tottemo ureshiii to expand the reach of this inventive art.

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