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HBO's Watchmen Series: Everything we know about release date, cast and plot

As history shows, adapting the Watchmen comic novel was not exactly a smile.

Zack Snyder's live action film from 2009 came from two decades of developmental hell, with Twelve Monkeys & # 39; director Terry Gilliam, who flirts with the project before the comic book (1987's comic book). Roman summarized) as "unfilmbar". Other big names like Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) and Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Series) were brought forward and then withdrawn until Snyder got the gig in 2005.

The result was a final cut of two hours and 43 minutes with an "Ultimate Cut" that takes up to 3 hours and 35 minutes. The answer was split. With an R rating, six main characters, an alternate timeline and a part of the movie set in the past, Snyder can at least claim that he gave him a glowing shot.

Now, a decade later, HBO again turns against Watchmen, but with a television series that gives showrunner Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers, Lost) more time to devote himself to the comic's complicated narrative. That's when he even chooses to step there. In a five-page open letter to the fans, Lindelof, a lifelong fan of the comic book novel, has set out his intention not to adapt the "holy ground", but the remix .

He flashed words like "Original," "Contemporary," and "New Faces," but also emphasized that he would not delete "what came before." Here's what we know about the upcoming series, which already seems to have new characters with old connections. Now lean back and smile!

Editor's note : First published on October 20, this article was last updated on November 8, 201



Will the iconic smiley face in the show be like in the 2009 movie?

Warner Bros.

When will Watchmen be on HBO?

HBO has confirmed that Lindelof's "overhaul" will come in 2019, and according to IMDb, the first series will be eight one-hour episodes, so full screen time is available for the large cast of characters.

For 2019 this is still in the air. But with the final season of Game of Thrones which is likely to take place in June or July at the earliest, HBO will try a clever Cersei-like train and Watchmen's straight after it and a devastating GoT fanatical Show Show Jump

Soundtrack fans, note that composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of The Social Network are on board, hopefully bringing with them the dark, electronic sound that inspired the soundtracks of Mr. Robot and Ex Machina , The duo won the Oscar for Best Original Score for their work on The Social Network. So ears, excited.

Lindelof will be responsible for writing and production tasks, supported by colleagues Nicole Kassell and Tom Spezialy. Kassell, who previously directed HBO at Westworld and Lindelof's The Leftovers, directed the pilot of the new series.

On June 27, Lindelof announced Instagram to say that the pilot's shooting was complete and praised Kassell: "Yesterday she called Wrap over the Watchmen pilot … and left no doubt – she was the pilot, flawless navigation of our owl crew from take-off to landing. "On October 16, Lindelof announced on Instagram that" production will start TODAY "after the announcement in August that the series was recorded by HBO.

Well, how you can watch the show. HBO is a subscription service offering both cable and streaming with HBO Now. So you do not even need a TV. Bonus: You can stream HBO Now for 30 days for free.

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Meet the cast

We do not yet know who they play, but the confirmed cast includes:

Lindelof has hinted that there will be new characters participating in vigilante activity, and one of the cast is likely to be Man playing in yellow .

He (or she) is wearing a police hat, which is featured in HBO's first teaser image. Maybe that means he's a protagonist or possibly even an opponent of the Watchmen, who disagrees with the description of the post: "Who Watches The Watchmen?" In any case, it seems that his yellow scarf is an allusion to the comedian's smiley face and to Walter Kovac's aka Rorschach, the fabric mask of slippable ink stains.

Of course, Oscar and Emmy winners Irons are being talked about, whose character THR speculates that "the pilot" is referred to as the "aging and imperious master of a British mansion". From the 8th of November Slashfilm reports that the aging gentleman is none other than Adrian "Ozymandias" Veidt in his later years. Veidt is rich, so you check in a big, expensive house. However, this information has not yet been confirmed by HBO.

Slashfilm also brought the news that Fargo and Legion's big smart will play an FBI agent tasked with "tracking down civilians." The name of her character is exciting: Agent Blake, possibly linked to Edward Blake, whose assassination could be a sore point at the beginning of the comic novel for the agent in the series. Again we are waiting for an official announcement from HBO.

  cq5dam-web-1200-675 qq6565 a start date though?


What we know about the plot

The short answer is not much. HBO provides a fairly general description that covers Lindelof's intentions to make something new without affecting the bones of the story:

"Based on the Alan Moore novel, Watchmen is in an alternate story in which" superheroes Treated as an Outlaw Lindelof (The Leftovers) wants to embrace the nostalgia of the groundbreaking comic novel, and the series will also try to break new ground, announcing his intentions on Instagram this spring. "

Lindelof compared his attitude to Noah Hawley's Fargo TV series, which became a "personal thing" from the Coen brothers' original 1996 film, he told Syfy in April. "I would not call Noah Hawley's version of Fargo an adaptation because the film exists in his world, and everything that happened in the film Fargo precedes the Fargo television program." He gave more insight on Instagram.

Prior to 2009, before Snyder's Watchmen, Lindelof commented on CBR's influence on his writing by Watchmen: "From flashbacks to non-linear storytelling to deeply flawed heroes, these are all elements I try to to use everything I write. "

So we can at least expect these elements in the new series, which were undoubtedly written during Lindelof's magazine Lost.

And Dave Gibbons, the comic strip artist, seems to approve of the script and tells Entertainment Weekly in September, "I found Damon's approach to be very refreshing and exciting and unexpected … even though it's very awesome and faithful to the source material (so I mean the Watchmen comic legend that Alan and I did), it's not the same tour, it's not a reinterpretation of it, it approaches quite unexpectedly. "

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