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Healthcare Risk Companies Build a Healthcare Best Practice Group – TechCrunch

Some of the nation's leading venture capital firms for healthcare team up with advisory council with technology security certification provider Hitrust to create best-practice data security practices for start-ups developing digital health technologies. [NNH] Nashville-based, healthcare-focused mutual fund Frist-Cressey has set itself the goal of accelerating the adoption of digital technologies across the health care industry by developing best practices for data security that will prevent major healthcare companies from introducing a new one Demand service.

"Our service or software should be used nationwide, and everyone is thrilled when you stand in front of the Chief Security Officer's office and ask if you are HiTrust certified," says Frist-Cressey Partner Chris Booker.

"That makes [startups] more marketable or profitable," says Daniel Nutkis, managing director of Hitrust. "Companies tend to be reluctant to work with startups … [Our certification] gave venture capital firms a degree of comfort, and we saw this as an opportunity. Chris turned to us to develop a program that is more geared towards early stage companies … so that a simpler program succeeds and can make it more comprehensive. "

So far investors including Ascension Ventures, Bain Capital . Ventures, Echo Health Ventures, (1

9459007) Deadline Cressey Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Blue Cross Blue Shield Ventures, Heritage Group, New Enterprise Associates, and 7wire Ventures (19459007) have joined the venture capital advisory firm, it's simply about increasing the percentage of To protect capital commitments. According to CB Insights, investors put $ 50 billion into healthcare start-ups, and nearly $ 16 billion of these investments went to digital healthcare companies. In the meantime, early-stage startups are becoming increasingly vulnerable to data breaches and lax security practices – oversights that can make the difference between life and death for early-stage startups.

"Data breaches and privacy violations … these things can destroy a business. Says Booker.

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