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Here are the 11 women-led podcasts you should hear

According to a report by PwC, podcasts generated well over $ 600 million in 2018 – and the Golden Age is yet to come. PwC further projects, the industry's revenue will exceed the nine-figure benchmark by 2022.

As in any promising lucrative industry, it is both interesting and important to see who will take the biggest piece of the pie. It is hoped that with emerging technologies and media, competitive conditions will be the same, and people of all backgrounds will have the opportunity to break and fill space.

There are surprisingly few resources to learn about the gender and ethnic composition of podcast hosts, and the industry is in danger of becoming a boys' club like the rest of the tech.

Given this lack of data and before the International Women's Day on March 8, we have a list of our favorite Podcasts, where at least 50 percent of the hosts are women.


" Criminal is not a podcast about cruel crimes, but about people who err and the possible consequences for victims, family or criminals themselves. Phoebe Judge's voice is incomparably gentle.

– Alejandro Tauber

Listen to it here