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Here are the best cheap headphones for training and everyday use

They are cheap • They are practically indestructible and waterproof • They are easy to use • Good battery life

The sound quality is fine, but not great. • Phone calls can be shaky

The Mpow Flame is a great, cheap headphone for training and everyday use.

A confession: I can’t trust expensive headphones. I lose them, I break them, I sweat into their innards as I jog like hell.

I lost two sets of AirPods, both gifts. A couple just got up and disappeared and I have no idea what I did with them. I dropped the other set and lost forever when walking ̵

1; after bowling and a few jugs – to grab cheesesteaks with friends. (Side note: Which I wouldn’t give to be back in the world, bowling with friends and eating cheesesteaks.)

I also love running and let’s just say that most headphones can’t handle my sweat. In order not to get too nasty, but yes, I need headphones that are effectively waterproof if I want to take them with me for a jog in the summer.

OK, so there is the preamble. And I’m not trying be dramatic here, but damn if my life didn’t change on August 29, 2018. Tired of breaking and losing all my headphones, I asked Twitter for help.

I got one few proposals, but none was what I would actually define as inexpensive. Come on guys, it’s not beats reasonable priced. I wanted headphones that I wouldn’t get upset about if I lost or broke them. I needed cheap headphones for work horses.

Then a hero appeared. NBA Twitter steadfast @ SnottieDrippen (whose real name is James Holas) gave me a recommendation that – no shit – would change my life.

With this confirmation, I ordered a pair of Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones, and if any, they were under-sold. In my eyes, they are perfect headphones for training and living like the idiot that I am.

These actually cheap, basically indestructible Bluetooth headphones are amazing

Here is a short seven-point list that explains why:

1. They are basically indestructible.

I would be so impressed if you broke Mpow Flame Bluetooth headphones. I put the same pair through the washing machine twice and they still worked the same way as before.

You pretty much are waterproof. If you sweat a lot during exercise or get caught in the rain, you don’t have to worry. I lost my sound while sweating and running in AirPods. No longer. I was soaked in a thunderstorm without an umbrella, left my Mpow headphones in and there was no permanent damage. My current couple is covered with paint from household projects. Still no harm.

I only had to replace them if I lost a pair, which is still relatively common, admittedly. Which brings me to my next point …

2. They are * actually * cheap.

My first couple was about $ 18. Since then, prices have risen to around $ 21 (lol). If you have Amazon Prime, they are pretty darn easy to get and are almost always available for almost $ 20. I still try not to lose her, but I don’t feel terrible when I do.

3. The battery life is impressive.

Fully charged with the included micro USB cable, I can take Mpow Flame headphones with me during marathon training runs – real four-hour trips – and they won’t die, even if I sweat heavily (again).

4. The Bluetooth connection is seamless.

It is easier for me to connect my Mpow Flames to my iPhone XR than ever to AirPods that could get stained. Or sometimes one AirPod worked while the other didn’t sound. No such problems with the Mpow Flames. I switch it on and a pleasant British robot lady immediately tells me: “Switch on, your headset is connected.”

5. You are comfortable and safe around your ears.

If you’re a runner, a fast walker, or someone whose ears don’t usually match fancier headphones, these are a good option. They come with different sized rubber earplugs and flexible hooks that go around your ear and don’t move. AirPods and other headphones always fell out of my ears. The headphones are also very light and block noise quite well.

6. They have the basic, practical functions you need.

A large button on the right headphone stops your music when you tap it. If you hold down the button, it acts as a power switch. It has volume controls on the top of the right headphones. You are said to be able to use them for phone calls. I found this feature a bit shaky. You are not perfect, OK? Many reviewers on Amazon report that they can easily take phone calls, so there may be a user error on my part.

My power switch covered with paint.

My power switch covered with paint.

Picture: Tim Marcin / Mashable

My volume controls covered in paint.

My volume controls covered in paint.

Picture: Tim Marcin / Mashable

7. They have a simple design and look good.

Will you feel as cool with Mpow Flames as with Beats or Bose headphones? No, but they are simple in design and look good enough. If you want a specific color, you have a lot of options, but I almost always get a version of black. You will not be noticed either good or bad. That’s OK for me.

All right then. You probably noticed that I didn’t talk much about the sound quality. Let me be clear: I am not an audiophile. Neil Young would hate me.

So the sound quality of Mpow Flame is fine. I would call it good enough. Does your music sound as good as over-ear, bose, noise-canceling, NASA-approved, VR-capable headphones for the price of a used car? Obviously not, these things cost $ 20 damn.

But my music sounds better in my Mpow Flames than from Macbook Pro speakers. That is good enough for me. I mostly use headphones to commute – well, back when I could take the subway to work – and to train. The sound quality of my podcasts and music is good enough to drown out a packed train or my tired legs. I don’t need much more.

If you’re a person like me – if you keep losing things, sweating a lot, or just want something simple, cheap, and good – I can’t recommend Mpow Flames enough. If you have no problem throwing a few hundred dollars on headphones, I recommend that you keep an eye on your purchase after a few jugs of beer with friends.

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