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Here is our list of the best crowdfunding sites of 2019

Crowdfunding is the point of contact for new technology companies who finance their ideas and put them in the hands of consumers. Gone are the days when venture capitalists and debt piles were handled: with the right idea, consumers finance their own dreams – just make sure you can deliver your product at the end.

Crowdfunding, however, is not limited to funding the development of new products and initiatives that you think are cool. Nowadays you can even commit money to be involved in a business. So when it gets big, you may be able to get rich yourself. Here are seven of the most useful, imaginative and downright awesome crowdfunding platforms out there. Just try not to publish your product on Amazon before you ship it to your buyers ̵

1; it does not often end well.

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Kickstarter may be the most popular crowdfunding offering. The site launched several popular products, including the Pebble Watch, the Ouya games console, and even a Reading Rainbow reboot. Those who seek funding set a goal and then have a certain amount of time to raise the money before the project expires. These entrepreneurs are also expected to attract potential consumers with a range of rewards for varying levels of funding. The beauty of the Kickstarter system is that it's all or nothing: the donor's credit card will not be charged until the project reaches its destination.

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Indiegogo works much like Kickstarter The special thing about it is that you are not limited to an all-or-nothing strategy because it also allows for what is called "flexible." "Financing is called. The site says that this works better for projects that help a bit, and that focus less on physical products than initiatives. What's good for the funders is Indiegogo's partnership with retailers. The site has entered into agreements with companies such as Amazon and Brookstone to help them manufacture and launch products. Examples of successful projects in the past include the Jibo Family Robot, the Solar Roadways project, and efforts to teach children how to code.

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For Those Who Want to Finance Things Outside the Gadget Spectrum GoFundMe has become a popular alternative for raising money for social change and advocacy. People have used the site to raise money for families who have lost relatives or personal property due to tragedies, to support disaster relief and medical research, and even set up a central location where well-wishes bring financial benefits to a newlywed couple Boost support after binding the knot. More than $ 5 million has been raised to help families affected by nightclub shooting in Orlando Pulse, and nearly $ 600,000 has been used to support clinical research into synovial sarcoma, a rare but devastating form of Cancer, Donated] Perhaps less known than the sites listed above is Crowd Supply, which focuses on the more obscure ideas that you may not find on other crowdfunding sites. Think of these as "the hacker's kickstarter". What do we mean by that? Projects that you may find on Crowd Supply include a French press from a bricklayer job or a bud-based stick PC. If you're looking for an extremely geeky project that you want to support, give Crowd Supply a shot.

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Do you want to play a venture capitalist instead of just funding a project? A website like Crowdfunder could be in your alley. Instead of receiving rewards for different funding levels, you are involved in the company itself. Well, this is not intended for the faint of heart, even for those who are light in the bag. Unlike traditional crowdfunding services, Crowdfunder requires a minimum investment of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. In other words, if you choose the right project, the reward could be important – so choose wisely.

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Love science? Then use a website like Experiment to fund scientific research. Like Kickstarter, this site uses an all-or-none financing model. If the project does not meet its funding targets, nobody will be burdened. You also have a bit of peace, because all projects have to be approved in advance. According to the experiment, anyone can submit a proposal, but before being placed on the site for crowdfunding, it will be reviewed to make sure the science is solid and the project is viable. You can also watch the entire scientific process as the project leaders have to make all the work completely transparent to the funders.

Was she successful? Obviously, more than 20 scientific papers have been published in journals as a result of experimental campaigns.

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If you're a big fan of non-profit organizations, Chuffed is a crowdfunding site that you'll definitely enjoy. There are no fancy gadgets here, only groups working on various social issues that need your help. Like experimentation, anyone can submit their project for crowdfunding purposes, but Chuffed has an interesting way to do it. The site requires the pitch to be 50 words or less, and if they like, they will approve it for crowdfunding. This also gives the lenders some sense. If the project leader can describe what he sums up, there is a better chance that he is serious.

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