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Here you can buy face masks and fabric covers online


Limit the spread of the corona virus by wearing a face mask in crowded public places.

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For the latest news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, see the WHO website.

Making your own face mask or face mask at home is not for everyone, and that's fine. However, if you want to help stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus you should buy ready-made, non-medical face masks here and pay attention to what you should pay attention to when buying.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Now recommends wearing face covering as a voluntary health measure when you are in crowded public places where social distance is not possible, such as in the supermarket. Given the lack of N95 and surgical face masks fabric covers are the next best option.

When buying masks, look for one made of cotton and has a filter bag – pleated ones can offer more layers. It must be wide enough to cover the nose and chin and narrow enough not to form gaps. A tight fit prevents large particles that move through the air, such as B. sneezing.

Remember to wash the mask before putting it on. You may want to buy multiple masks so you always have a clean one on hand – you will need to wash them when you get home after going out in public .

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Note that wearing a non-medical face mask doesn't release you from physical and social distance – you still have to behave as if you weren't wearing one. Also note that non-medical masks may not prevent you from acquiring COVID-19 which is why other precautions are so important. Here are some options for buying face masks and fabric covers online.

Custom Ink

Custom Ink is a printing company that produces bespoke equipment for companies and groups. The company is now using its resources to manufacture protective masks for cloth wipes. You can order a pack of 12 for $ 30.

The printer states that these masks are for personal use only and should not be worn in surgical or clinical environments where the risk of infection is high.

Facebook Marketplace

If you can safely buy a homemade face mask from a local, the Facebook Marketplace is a good place to find it. Be sure to follow local physical distance guidelines when purchasing.

This includes standing at least one meter apart. So make arrangements to pick up the item from the porch or ask if the buyer can ship the item to avoid contact. Wear gloves when collecting the mask and wash them immediately.

If possible, use a mobile payment service to buy the products instead of exchanging cash that could contain germs or that could put you in close contact with the seller. Some sellers offer a buy button that you can use to pay online.

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Search the Facebook marketplace for handmade masks near you.

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Shopping in an Etsy store is another option if you want to buy multiple face masks with different prints. It is important to note that they sell out quickly. So if you find one you like, it may be best to buy it.

Some sellers stock sizes for adults and children. So before buying, check the size mask to make sure you get one that fits.

Arm The Animals

If you want a mask that is fun and fun for people when they see it, try one of Arm The Animals. You can get a mask with a tiger face, a cat or dog face, and more. The company donates a mask to California hospitals, medical facilities and emergency services with every purchase.

Amazon Handmade

While there are not many options at Amazon Handmade at the time of writing, it is still a source for finding face masks. You need to read the description to make sure you get one with multiple layers of cotton.

Many of these sellers are busy and are working on orders that will take weeks to complete. So it is possible that this is possible. It will take up to a month for you to receive your shipment.

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Ask your local groups who makes face masks.


American Blanket Company

The American Blanket Company sells fleece face masks that are thicker than a standard face mask. The company donates face masks to first aiders and healthcare workers with every purchase. You can get a five-pack for $ 39.

Ask Local Groups

If you don't want to wait for items to ship, you can contact social clubs or religious groups that you belong to and ask if anyone does them. If your neighborhood uses Nextdoor or has a Facebook page, you can also post there to see if anyone can turn you into one – it is considerate to offer to pay for their time.

Again, remember to wash the face masks before wearing them for the first time and after each use.

For more resources, see here how to make a face mask or face mask at home everything you need to know about homemade face masks and corona viruses And 13 ways to get out of the To protect the house .

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a doctor or other qualified healthcare provider if you have any questions about an illness or health goals.

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