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Here’s a better look at the Game & Watch handheld, which launches in November

Nintendo is offering a closer look at the new Game & Watch hardware, which will be pre-installed with the original on November 13th Super mario bros. Game. In case you missed the announcement last week, it’s a $ 49.99 device that will be released in limited quantities for Mario’s 35th anniversary – and it will likely be very difficult to get your hands on one to get. In addition to the original Mario title, it is loaded with it Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels (published as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) and a Mario version of ball, a new twist on a classic Game & Watch game that was first released decades ago.

Game & Watch

The display appears to be backlit which would be great.
Image: Nintendo

This video clip mainly shows the special features of the modernized Game & Watch console (Nintendo’s handheld devices in front of the Game Boy). It has a sharp LCD screen that appears to be backlit, and the general design is reminiscent of the GBA Micro. On the right side, the Game & Watch has a USB-C port for charging the battery.

Nintendo also teased a digital clock feature filled with Easter eggs that shows some Yoshi in theirs Super Mario world Styling. Maybe we’ll see a future Game & Watch with the next SNES classic built in?

This device seems incredibly simple in terms of functions and features, but it’s still exciting to see Nintendo make handhelds again. The Nintendo Switch effectively superseded the company’s dedicated handheld business, but it’s cool to see efforts to make experimental pocket-friendly devices are still in full swing.

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