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Here’s how wild custom LEGO Super Mario levels can be

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In case you missed it, LEGO and Super Mario have teamed up to create the ultimate nostalgic bob omb for fans of both franchises.

LEGO® Super Mario uses sensors and accelerometers to simulate a physical version of the classic video game. The goal is to get him through the level before the timer runs out, collecting as many coins as possible in the process. The timer starts when LEGO Super Mario is placed in the warp tube and ends when it reaches the gate pole.

Sensors on the underside of his feet can detect barcodes at specific points of contact, placed on enemies and action stones, granting time bonuses, powerups, coins, and more. The sensors also sense the color of the LEGO bricks he̵

7;s been placed on and trigger a response on the screen in his chest.

For example, green and blue stand for grass and water, both of which LEGO Super Mario can safely cross. However, red lava stones put Mario in a state without coins for a short time.

LEGO Super Mario also connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth so players can find custom levels created by members of the community and take part in weekly challenges.

We’ve selected some of the best levels for LEGO Super Mario.

just2goods gaming inspiration

YouTuber just2good is running a series that he calls Lego Mario Flash inspired by an early web-based version of Super Mario Maker. He’s also encouraging audiences to send in wild ideas so he’s sure to have more examples of custom courses as the series progresses.

He says his first course here is based on his favorite game in the franchise, Super mario 64that it is less linear and has a number of things that you can do. It also includes footage of him leading LEGO Super Mario through the course, showing how the game side of things works, what happens to him when he falls off obstacles, etc.

The second course he threw up was a maze-like level suggested by a fan. You can check this out below.

He has more custom courses that you can see here.

Beyond the ultimate level of brick

The LEGO fan channel Beyond the Brick took a different approach to creating a custom level. Instead of going for design aesthetics, channel host Brian built a level that earned him massive high scores.

Brian explains how the level earned him the highest score in the LEGO Super Mario Championship and does not use any additional parts. As you can see this thing is spread out for maximum coin collection.

Most of these custom levels use existing LEGO Super Mario sets. So you can only imagine how wild things get when people start adding stones from unrelated sets.

In other words, watch this room.

We’re making our own Battle of the Build video with YouTubers Lara6683 and Camelworks. It will go live on September 24th, so beware if you want to see more LEGO Super Mario.

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