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Here’s what happens today on the first day of Disrupt 2020 – TechCrunch

Welcome to the first day of Disrupt 2020, our biggest disrupt of all time! Over the next five days (keyword Star Trek theme) you’ll be exploring strange new technologies, looking for new opportunities and new collaborations. You will bravely dive into the global startup community. You still have time to register if you haven’t picked up your pass. Just go to our ticket page and register!

Day one, right. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect at Disrupt today ̵

1; speakers, breakout sessions, events, and interesting people. It is by no means an exhaustive list. Read our action-packed agenda. Note: Unless otherwise noted, all times are PST.

Are you ready to disturb

Don’t forget to have fun over the next five days. Download the Trivia Royale app (Google Play) (App Store) and play TechCrunch Trivia. Anyone who is number one in the ranking on September 18 at 1:00 p.m. (PST) will receive a TC Swag Bag that will be sent to their location.

Financing – that is the most important thing for everyone, especially in a difficult economic situation. Go to Extra crunch stage to the How to raise money in a dumpster fire with Garry Tan of Initialized Capital; YCs Anu Hariharan; and Hans Tung from GGV (9:05 am – 9:45 am).

Let them Startup Battlefield Pitch competition begins! Don’t miss the first of four cohorts when you enter Disturb the stage to fight for $ 100,000 (10:30 am – 11:35 am). Check the agenda and tune in to subsequent Startup Battlefield sessions – one scheduled each day of the show.

Learn how to use the Pitch deck teardown. Top investors criticize submitted parking spaces live on the Extra crunch stage (10:50 am – 11:30 am).

Not all startup experiences are created equal. Join AptDecos Reham Fagiri. Squires Songe LaRon; and Michael Seibel from Y Combinator am Extra crunch stage to the The Black Founder Experience: Tactical Advice for Under-Represented Entrepreneurs (11:45 am – 12:30 pm).

Learn more about Low Code / No Code and what it takes to turn it into a user-friendly service. Join Airtables Howie Liu on the Disturb the stage to the Build a low code unicorn (12:25 – 12:45 p.m.).

FOMO, the fear of missing out, can hit hard when so many great things go under. Don’t worry, we have you in Disrupt Desk. The TC crew will be on Disturb the stage – several times a day for 25 minutes during the conference. Find out what you’ve been missing out on throughout the show, plus take a look at new technology, demos, news, and more. Check the agenda for exact times and stop by whenever you’d like to hang out with us.

This is your first day teaser folks. Not registered for disrupt? No need to regret – you can still buy a pass. Now go out there and go brave.

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