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Hollyoak’s blackmailer of the McQueen family reveals the conspiracy

Hollyoaks Spoilers will follow.

The McQueen family blackmailer has renamed its award Hollyoaks Scenes.

The big anniversary story of soap can be seen Hollyoaks‘First family targeted by a mysterious doll maker who sent one of his hideous creations to mock the McQueens after Theresa returned.

The McQueens gathered on Thursday (October 15) episode one to find out the evidence – they had all received strange text messages alluding to the seven deadly sins.

Hollyoaks, Theresa

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Now they were being blackmailed into paying £ 700 each or their blackmailer would divulge secrets about them. While discussing strategy, Mercedes called for control to be taken.

“If you pay, you will still want more. So please let me fix it,” Mercy urged.

John Paul agreed to follow Mercedes’ strategy and the rest of the family watched her press the “no” option on the doll.

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Her tough approach didn’t pay off when the doll went nasty in the final scene of the episode by flickering the lights in The Dog as she threatened Mercy and Sylver.

“You could have saved yourself so much trouble, but now you’ve made me mad,” warned the doll. “I will reveal your sins one at a time unless you can pay £ 7,000 per sin.

“The first sin was chosen.”

Mercedes quickly found out that the doll was referring to the sin of “anger,” with the doll threatening the McQueens had 18 hours to “pay” or “the secret will be revealed and one of them will go to jail.” “.

Hollyoaks, Mercedes

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Next week, Sylver will be the first to pay for his sins when his mother Breda’s death is repeated from earlier this year.

Hollyoaks New episodes are currently being broadcast Monday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on channel 4, with first screenings at 7:00 p.m. on E4. Classic episodes entitled Hollyoak’s favorites, on Fridays at 7 p.m. on E4.

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