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Honda is planning a fancy electric car concept for the Beijing Motor Show

Honda EV concept

Well, we’ll dig this far.


On Tuesday, Honda gave us our first look at a new electric car concept planned for the Beijing Motor Show. Yes, believe it or not, some parts of the world are starting to regroup and try to hold mass gatherings again. A Auto Show in the USA feels a bit incredible right now.

But the show will continue in Beijing, where Honda will show off this previously unnamed concept car. Honda simply called it the “EV Concept Car”

;, which indicates “the direction of the future production model of the first Honda brand EV introduced in China”. It honestly looks like a natural progression of the current accordance and Civic It will be interesting to see if this type of design influences the cars planned for the US. It is certainly very different from the cute Honda E that is for sale right now. Boy do we wish the E was sold here …

The bulkier front clip definitely exudes some Accord vibes with the big Honda badge in the middle, while the headlights make some connections to both the midsize Accord and the compact Civic. The lighting makes it difficult to really see how big the EV concept is, but it’s easy for China to imagine something smaller.

Aside from the concept, Honda plans to present the new one CR-V Plug-in hybrid prepared the company for the Chinese market. We’ll likely get at least one more teaser showing the EV concept before the show kicks off on September 26th, so stay tuned.

Look at that:

The Honda E looks cute and is full of tech


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