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Hopsy introduces smaller version of his countertop kegerator

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Making beer at home becomes much easier. Hopsy, a beer service directly linked to the consumer, announced that it is producing a new house beer machine. The best: It fits like any food processor directly on your worktop. Designed with the German kitchen appliance maker Krups, the Sub Compact is about as easy to use as a Keurig machine, but has much more buzz.

The Sub Compact ̵

1; a successor to the former Krups and Hopsy team The Sub Home Beer Dispenser produced to this product is compatible with two-liter mini-drums, each of which can hold approximately 67 ounces of beer. Hopsy thinks this is about six servings. The brews are provided by award-winning breweries so you can expect some quality drinks from your device. The beer cools in the barrel at 35.6 degrees and remains fresh after tapping for about two weeks.

Hopsy's Heimkegerator is designed to be as easy to use as possible. It's essentially just plug and play. Insert the mini-barrel into the appliance, insert the pan through the tap, close the door and pull the handle. That's all there is to it. No CO2 cartridges or additional maintenance is required to operate the unit. In addition, Sub Compact has its own cooling system to keep beer fresh and safe.

"Sub Compact's latest on-demand beer beer technology is a must have for any beer drinker. It builds on our original concept, but requires an amazing 30 percent less space. Now we can serve tap beer for home, office or anywhere in the smallest and most elegant form factor on the market, "said Sebastien Tron, founder and CEO of Hopsy, in a statement. "For beer lovers and occasional drinkers, the Sub Compact brings the best flavor and best of breed experience to your home with a recommended rotation behavior, including IPA's, crafts, warehouses and imports."

The Sub Compact is already pre-ordered by Hopsy available and early adopters receive a substantial discount on the device. The Countertop Kegerator can be pre-ordered for $ 150. This represents a savings of 50 percent over the selling price. When it comes to retail, the device jumps to $ 300. Mini-kegs for the Sub-Compact are available from $ 15.

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