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How about a laptop with three screens? The Mobile Pixels Trio makes it possible

TLDR: With the Mobile Pixels Trio monitors, you can turn your laptop into a breathtaking triple display experience to increase your productivity.

If you’ve been spoiled for years by the dual monitor setup that is now collecting dust on your desk in the office, the comparatively small 15-inch screen of your home laptop is probably a serious step down at the moment.

Dual displays may look like you are enjoying yourself, but the reality is that more room for maneuver really speeds up your productivity. The researchers found that the expanded desktop from a two-monitor configuration actually helps employees increase their efficiency by 20 to 30 percent.

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7;t seem practical to carry a bulky second monitor around except on your desk – until you see some progress on products like that Mobile Pixel Trio Portable dual screen laptop monitor. It is currently available for over $ 40 less than the regular price, only $ 214.99 from TNW Deals.

The trio is the updated version of Kickstarter’s favorite from Mobile Pixels the duex, a second monitor that attaches directly to your laptop using magnetic adhesives and a USB cable for easy, effective presentation on the second screen.

And just like the name suggests, the trio concludes that three screens must be a real party for efficient users if two screens are great. Sure, the trio can be easily connected to 13- and 14-inch laptops, while the larger Trio Max fits comfortably with 15- and 15.6-inch models. Once you’ve connected a simple USB cable, slide it out to the left and right of the laptop screen to get an impressive triple display.

In addition to the larger desk space, the trio is even lighter than the Duex, more compact and even 40 percent more energy efficient than the previous model. The trio screens can be rotated 180 degrees and can be placed in almost any configuration. You switch from a triple display setup to a rear-facing monitor for presentations.

Multitasking on a laptop is not much easier than with the Mobile Pixels Trio, which is now available in both the Trio and Trio Max editions for users with two or three screens. There is a single trio screen for sale for only $ 214.99 With this offer, you can buy two and triple your laptop for $ 419.99.

The larger Trio Max models are now available only $ 269.99 for one or $ 499.99 or a pair of $ 100 savings.

Prices can change.

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