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How do you weigh a whale without disturbing it? drones

Whales are the largest animals on the planet and important predators in the marine ecosystem. As a marine biologist, I was fortunate enough to see her up close. It is an amazing experience to watch a 14-meter-long and nearly 40-tonne whale mother gently push her "tiny" five-meter baby, which weighs almost a ton at birth, to the surface to breathe.

But how do I know that the whale weighed 40 tons? After all, we can not accurately capture an animal the size of a bus and simply place it on a scale. And swimming out to the sea and putting a measuring tape around your body is not a very smart thing.

This is a big problem for whale researchers. The sheer size of these animals is fundamental to their success, as they can store enough energy to travel long distances and find food in scattered locations. Although this should be taken into account, it is seldom possible to consider body weight as a variable in the study of wild whales, as it is so difficult to measure.