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How France, the Netherlands, Latvia and the EU support startups in times of crisis

There is no country that is not affected by the corona virus. An important issue that affects not only individual entrepreneurs but also the future health of almost every industry is the question of how startups can survive the storm.

Of course, attention has shifted from private to public resources: what role should government agencies play in keeping the startup ecosystem alive?

Introducing the second installment of the Data Market Services Inspiration Series, a new podcast produced and hosted by Tech.eu to Support startups in the current crisis with advice and experience. This episode will compare and contrast the policies of France, the Netherlands, Latvia and the EU.

This podcast is being created in collaboration with Data Market Services Accelerator, an initiative supported by the European Commission, in which TNW and nine other partners from across Europe are involved. The DMS Accelerator offers 6 months of training in the areas of corporate growth, legal and IP affairs, GDPR and data science as well as investor matchmaking for 50 data-driven European startups. If you want to participate in the program, Find out more here. The closing date for entries is May 31


In three episodes we will learn from expert panels and startups how to grow your business and what important lessons you should learn from investors, government agencies and other startups.

In this latest episode, Andrii Degeler from Tech.eu interviews Katerina Borunska, a political worker at the European Commission, Kat Borlongan, director of La French Tech, Olga Barreto Goncalves, the main initiator of the Latvian startup and development agency, and Nils Beers, the CEO of Techleap.

What has the European Commission done so far to support startups? Do governments want to support high-risk, high-reward startups or traditional companies first? What are the new prospects for the European startup ecosystem in the coming years? Listen to the second episode of the Data Market Services Inspiration Series to find out.

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These program has received funds from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 Program under grant agreement number 825014.

Published on May 15, 2020 – 13:21 UTC

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