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How It Works – Technology News, Firstpost

With worldwide blocking, more and more people are working from home and relying on video call apps to keep in touch. Zoom has developed into one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS and surpasses TikTok and Instagram . But just when it appeared to be the perfect app for work calls and online courses, several users expressed concerns about Zoom 's privacy and security.

Zoom bombing is one of

. the most dangerous bugs in the app. It is a technique where the hacker logs in to the video call and hijacks all screens with inappropriate images or audio data.

   Zoom offers additional security and data protection measures to prevent zoom bombing: How it works

Zoom video conference app

Turns out, Zoom has now tried to fix these security problems and activated them now passwords for all instant and scheduled meetings by default. When you join a meeting by clicking a meeting link with an embedded password, nothing changes in the attendance experience. However, if you join the meeting by manually entering the meeting ID, you will need a password to enter it.

With a virtual meeting room feature users can join a meeting until the host allows it to join. This function is now activated by default. Once this feature is enabled, no participant can join the meeting in front of the host.

These updates were released on April 5.

Previously, many cases of zoom bombing were reported in New York City, which is why schools are instructed not to use the Zoom app for online courses and immediately to Microsoft teams switch.

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