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How much do you actually save with the Apple One Bundles?

The Apple ecosystem has expanded significantly in recent years, so now you can sign up for the exclusive gaming, music, movie and TV streaming services, as well as news and health offers. It’s all got a bit confusing, but Apple has a cheaper solution: Apple One.

During Apple’s “Special but Not iPhone 12” event, the company announced the Apple One – an all-in-one subscription service that lets you pay a fee for Apple’s goods and services.

As soon as you have selected one of the three levels, you now pay a decent individual price. These options include a personal subscription, a basic family subscription that can be shared with five others, and the big bundle that has it all.

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So are you saving money when you sign up? The short answer is yes, but only if you’ve already subscribed to everything.

How Much Do You Really Save With Apple One?

Let’s start with the first package, which Apple calls “Individual”. This gives you access to Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of storage with the iCloud service for $ 19.95 per month.

Regardless, music is $ 11.99 if you don’t already have free or discounted student offers. TV + and Arcade are each $ 7.99 per month, and iCloud’s 50GB plan is $ 1.49.

So in theory, you’d save $ 9.51 per month, but if you’ve already signed up for these services and haven’t received any freeloader offers (of which there are many).

What about the family plan?

Suppose you want to share it with your friends or family and you want to go for the family plan. This costs $ 25.95 per month, which is nice when your account sharers plan to actually share it with you.

You get the same inclusions as the single package, but you can expand iCloud storage to 200GB and share it with five others. It offers a saving of $ 12.51 per month. That’s pretty decent considering how convenient it is to pack everything together.

And premier?

Finally, there is the big one – the ‘Premier’ package. This increases the price to $ 39.95, but increases subscriptions to News + and the upcoming Fitness + subscription due later this year in Australia.

If you subscribed to each of these individually, it would cost $ 78.94 per month. So you save a pretty whopping $ 38.99, or nearly 50 percent.

The bundles are great news for anyone obsessed with the Apple ecosystem. However, for many casual users, it just means adding another monthly payment to your summary. And if you have a student account, or you’ve got yourself a sweet Free TV + deal (plus, you get three months of Fitness + with every new Apple Watch purchase), you may not be saving much.

If you have subscriptions from competitors like Google Play Pass, Spotify, or Netflix, you need to budget carefully to see if adding a bunch of Apple services is really worth the time and money.

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