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How to Create Google Docs: The Easy Way to Add Emoji Without Copy and Paste


Add an emoji to your Google Doc.

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Sure, you may be used to putting a smiley face in a text message or other conversation, but did you know that you can shed tears of joy in a Google Doc too?

Expressing yourself through emoticons or emotional icons has become so commonplace that it inspires everything Plush emoji pillow to The Emoji Movie, which was shot pretty universally. Still, it shows the important cultural role emoji play in digital communication.

Adding emoji to Google Docs is not easy, but not difficult. We show you how it works. Note that not every single official emoji is available through the built-in selection. It is also unclear whether any of the new emoji Soon (there are over 1

00 of them) will be instantly integrated with Google Docs.

First, open a Google Doc in your preferred desktop browser (try this) Great hackif you haven’t). Choose Insert > Special characters. You will see a group of symbols and arrows. To switch to Emoji, click the drop-down menu that says Symbols and select Emoji.


Here is your desktop view for adding emoji in Google Docs.

Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

You can also click Arrows Drop down menu and select Emoticons, but you will see a limited number of options. If you’re using your phone, you can just open a Google Doc and select an emoji on your keyboard.

If you can’t seem to find the emoji you’re looking for, you can use the large box on the right that says “Draw an icon here”. After you’ve drawn what you’re looking for, you’ll see a list of options on the left for you to choose from. So, if you’re looking for the wrong smiley face emoji but keep missing it, just draw it to find it. You can also type to find selections.

That’s it! Now you can add an emoji to any Google Doc. You can find more Google tips here Six clever Gmail tricks to minimize regret, frustration, and spam and Six hidden Google Maps tricks.

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