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How to enable night mode on Android

Some may not know this, but the blue light emitted from your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen causes heavy eye strain, which in turn means you can not sleep so well.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the two best options you need to save yourself from the detrimental blue light by using "night mode" on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Method 1: The Stock Option [19659004] In recent years, many manufacturers have incorporated "night mode" into their custom Android user interfaces.

Turn on "Blue Light Filter" on Samsung Galaxy devices:

  1. Unlock your phone and go to Settings
  2. Find "Ads" option
  3. Look for the Blue Light Filter option "
  4. Tap the text" Blue Light Filter "- do not turn it on

You have now accessed the functionality settings menu. From there, you can set a custom schedule for enabling and disabling the filter, as well as the color intensity of the filter.

Find out if Night Mode is available on your device

  1. Open your device's Device Settings app
  2. Go to the Display menu
  3. Find an option called Night Mode "or" Reading Mode "
  4. If your phone's Settings app has a search bar, you can enter it by typing one of the above expressions

Method 2: Use a Third-Party App

In the most likely case that your device does not have the right functionality, do not worry, we still have it covered.

There are several free options available in the Play Store that offer much more customization than stock options. In this guide we use an app called Twilight. I have been using the app for almost two years now and can therefore recommend it to others.

  1. Download the Twilight app from the Play Store
  2. Open it
  3. You can adjust the color temperature and intensity and dim the screen. Take the time to find the most appropriate combination
  4. Users can also customize the app's schedule to automatically turn the filter on and off.

The notification menu provides quick access to the app. Just swipe down from the top of the screen with your finger and you'll find a small menu there. From there you can adjust the intensity and dimmer of the screen and stop the app at any time.

Based on my experience, the higher the dimming value of the screen, the easier it will be for your eyes to look. It goes without saying that in an environment with adequate lighting, as a result of excessive dimming of the screen, nobody will be able to see what is shown on the display. Therefore, it is best to choose a high screen dimming setting for the night.

If you are having problems trying out the above problems or would like to make a recommendation, you can write a comment below.

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