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How to Find a Lost Joy-Con with the Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console, but let's face it: The little Joy-Con controllers can sometimes be a pill. They are very useful and offer a great variety of movement, but if they are not attached to the switch, they are tiny and very easy to lose. If you're like me, play Switch as you curl up on a couch, wrapped in a blanket, and hold a Joy-Con in each hand. I can not count how many times one of the little sticks disappeared in the folds of blanket, bracelet and everything.

Fortunately, Nintendo planned this. The switch has a setting that lets you find your missing mini-Wiimote through loud vibrations. Use is easy, provided you know where to find it.

Note that this feature only works with paired Joy-Con, which means you will not be lucky if you lose a new, untested controller. Fortunately, Joy-Con works in sleep mode, so you can find one or both, even if they've been missing for a few hours. It's also helpful that the switch is a touch screen console, which means you do not need the Joy-Con to find and use this feature.

To activate the vibration, go to the controller settings in your main menu. It will look like this:

The option is listed as "Find Controller".

From here you can see the controllers that are paired with this switch. If the Joy-Con in question is disabled, you can turn it on by tapping its picture in this menu (or by pressing a button on the remaining Joy-Con if you have both). Tapping again will vibrate the selected Joy-Con. You can use this feature as many times as necessary to find the missing controller.

In the instructions, Nintendo warns that the vibration is relatively soft, hard to hear when the Joy-Con is under a cushion or other soft surface. The vibration feature will not work with controllers that have low (or depleted) batteries, are too far away from the console, or have no vibration.

Strangely, this works independently of your controller. So you could push the button just to vibrate the Joy-Con in your hand. That's great if you're like me and have tried Google more than once, "How to find your phone" … on your phone that you hold in your hand. But hey, occasional stupid moments aside, it's nice to know there's an easier way to find your missing Joy-Con than to tear your whole house apart stone by stone.

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