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How to fix dropped phone calls on Android Auto after updating to Android 11

The Android 11 experience is based on a series of massive upgrades in all key areas. For Android Auto users, there is no doubt that wireless mode now available on all devices is the main focus.

At the same time, Android 11 also has a number of its own bugs in Android Auto, and as we told you earlier this week, one of them involves phone calls.

In particular, after updating a smartphone to Android 11, calling with Android Auto no longer works properly because the user interface is only displayed without anything happening afterwards. In some cases, it will look like the Google Assistant is starting the call but will return to the previous screen in Android Auto.

For other users, a call started with Android Auto is routed directly to the mobile phone so that you cannot hear what the other person is saying in your car̵

7;s speakers but on their smartphone.

The workarounds are as simple as possible.

First and foremost, the generic trick of clearing the Android Auto app cache and data seems to restore the phone calling experience at least temporarily for some users.

Then in some cases it seems to be enough to re-pair the phone and the car’s headunit for phone calls to work properly as the connection is somehow damaged after updating to Android 11.

Others have reported a rather cumbersome workaround. Just unlocking the phone and only then starting the call seems to work, which suggests that the whole thing only happens when the device is locked. Of course, for obvious reasons, this is by no means recommended while driving.

At this point, Google has yet to acknowledge the bug and provide a solution. However, the company is already investigating reports. Therefore, more information should be provided sooner rather than later.

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