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How to Get a 5G Verizon Plan for iPhone 12

When ordering an iPhone 12, I noticed a strange warning that I had to change my Verizon plan to use 5G. That’s even though I thought it was the airline’s latest unlimited plan. Follow us to make sure you have a 5G Verizon plan and what to look out for.

TL; DR: Even if you think you have a current unlimited plan with Verizon that includes 5G, you may need to upgrade your plan which is no more face value but may include various “perks”. These perks can save you money or cost you more if you change plans. Read on for all the details.

When ordering the iPhone from Verizon, the following warning was displayed:

Your device is 5G Ultra Wideband capable, but your plan isn̵

7;t. To take full advantage of 5G UW, you should upgrade to a plan that includes this service. If you stick to your current plan, you will still have 4G LTE and 5G network access nationwide, but you will be missing out on this updated service.

There was an option to upgrade my plan but that blew me as we have a current Unlimited plan with Verizon (Do More Unlimited). So I decided to take a break and do some research before changing plans.

Here’s what I found on Verizon’s website for details of the plan:

Verizon 5G plans

I found this strange because our current plan is Do More Unlimited and the Verizon website showed that it has 5G / 4G LTE premium data (up to 50GB per month). I checked it again and yes we have the Do More Unlimited. What’s up with the warning?

How to Get a 5G Verizon Plan

I called Verizon and spoke to a nice and knowledgeable representative. Oddly enough, there are previous and new generation plans that do not include 5G, although the 2019 plans have the same name as the 2020 plans (see above).

Prices haven’t changed, but what has changed in addition to 5G in the latest generation of Verizon Wireless Unlimited plans are the perks included (which can change the price if you’re using an Apple Watch on your plan, for example).

If you change the plans yourself, you will find that with “5G UW” at the end they are differentiated to make things clearer. The latest generation plans aren’t more expensive, but the perks can change the overall value. Another important note: each line can have a different unlimited plan.

The employee I spoke to didn’t say that activating an iPhone 12 with Verizon automatically updates my plan to a 5G plan (in the end, I bought my iPhone 12 directly through Apple instead of Verizon that came with my existing Verizon should be activated number).

How to switch to a 5G Verizon plan

Here’s how the new perks stack up for Verizon’s latest plans: Play More, Do More, and Get More Unlimited Plans:

Left: play more, middle: do more, right, get more

As you change your plan, be aware of the benefits available now versus last year or earlier (or whenever you last changed plans). For example, if you want to include Disney +, Hulu, ESPN, you would need “Play More” or “Get More”.

But if you want to get 50% off unlimited connected device plans like an Apple Watch with cellphone, you need Do More or Get More.

Only the Get More plan includes these two benefits as well as Apple Music. In short, while the new 5G plans aren’t more expensive, you can see your bill go up or down a bit depending on the perks you want compared to the perks of the previous generation unlimited plans.

For more information on Verizon’s 5G coverage, see the map here.

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