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How to keep in touch with friends and family when you're stuck at home

A few weeks ago the term "social distancing" didn't mean much to most people. You hear it a lot these days. It's about smoothing the curve by physically staying away from other people to ensure that our hospitals have enough space for those who need them after the novel corona virus. (And yes, it's really that important.)

Protecting yourself on the spot and keeping it to yourself is enough to drive everyone a little crazy. If you miss your friends and family, we've put together a few apps, services, and ideas that will make your isolation feel less lonely. We also have advice on how to quarantine someone without permanently damaging your relationship.

The WIRED team has put together a number of useful tips for navigation in your time after Covid-1

9. Check out some of the best songs, video games, and movies when you're looking for new media.

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Netflix and Chill, virtual!

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you may not be able to flop on a couch next to your best friend and all parks and recreation areas watch again, but you can both flop on their respective sofas and look together. Now is a great time to be able to stream the things that you wanted to achieve forever ( Firefly anyone?) Or to binge bad, good content. Tremors 6 here we come.

  • Netflix Party: This Google Chrome extension requires both parties to use Chrome on the desktop, but it works quite well. First of all, you and your binge watching friends need to install the extension. Go to Netflix, queue an episode or movie, and click the little NP icon on your expansion bar. It will spit out a link that you can send to your friends. Everyone will watch the episode together, synchronize and there is a built-in chat interface so you can all LOL in harmony.

  • Kast: Kast is similar to Netflix Party, but you can share anything on your screen. This means that games, shows and videos are all fair games here. The user interface is a little shaky, but the advantage of Kast is that it works on both computers and phones and tablets.

  • Or just use your phone: You don't need a fancy service to watch shows and shows movies with your friends. Just arrange something you want to see and schedule a time you want to start it. For maximum feeling, chat on the phone at the same time. You may be off for a few seconds and you may need to sync the pause, but we're willing to bet that the resulting laugh will make any technological problems worthwhile.

Video Chat

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