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How to mute words and phrases on Twitter

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Twitter is a kind of wild west of social media. Everything is in one big newsfeed, and even if you use lists carefully, some things can still sneak through your filters. With Twitter you can mute hashtags and accounts, but imagine my surprise when I find that you can do it with single words and without having to dive into the menu system.

Many thanks to @nonprofWHIT on Twitter for notifying me. Not only will this help reduce noise, it will also give users more control over what they don't want to see on their timeline.

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It's as simple as an option can be. Just because I feel a little battle-tested, let's try the word "Fortnite". Highlight the word by pressing it for a moment with your finger. A menu will appear. This includes "Mute" on the far right. As soon as you click on "Mute", you will be taken to a menu where you can determine where you want to mute the word and for how long.

And that's it for iPhone users too.

According to The Verge, this long press option is apparently only available in the iOS Twitter app. If you work with Android, the process is more complex. In the Settings menu, you will find a "Mute" option in the "Content settings" section. "If you select this option, you will find" Muted Words. "From there, you can select the words you want to mute individually. According to Twitter the words are case-insensitive, which means that you don't have to mute every variation of "Fortnite" or "FORTNITE" to not see "Fortnite" in your timeline, see our spoiler muting post here.

Hopefully this will help make your Twitter a little less crowded – and possibly remove some of your most annoying words from your daily discourse.

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