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How to sign up for Walmart + – and why should you?

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Thousands of products can be delivered free of charge on the same day.

Thousands of products can be delivered free of charge on the same day.

Image: Walmart

Back in February, Walmart teased us by announcing a new subscription service to compete with Amazon Prime. Well, as of September 15th, the service called Walmart + is finally here after some delays related to COVID-19.

Walmart + doesn’t quite live up to Amazon Prime status, but there are some nice perks if you’re already an avid Walmart buyer. In addition, according to the company, further advantages will be added in the future.

Benefits of Walmart +

  • Unlimited Free Shipping: Not only do you get unlimited free delivery, but you can even enjoy same-day delivery on some products. Not only does this apply to groceries like Walmart’s earlier Service Delivery Unlimited (which was carried over to Walmart +), it also includes in-store pricing and free delivery of more than 160,000 items such as tech, toys and household items. This is especially great when you need a last minute gift and don’t have time to run to the store.

  • Scan & Go: Walmart + shoppers can scan items on their cell phones while they shop in the store. This enables customers to avoid long check-out lines and check out for themselves, regardless of how many items they have, as they are already registered and ready to be totaled. With Walmart Pay, just tap and you’re ready to do all of your purchases. Bonus: This means you can have a contactless checkout.

  • Fuel discounts: This is our favorite benefit. With Walmart +, you can save up to 5 cents per gallon at approximately 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations. Sam’s club stations will also be added to this list soon.

How to sign in to Walmart +

Walmart + offers a 15-day free trial. This is quite a decent time to run a test. Chances are, at some point during those 15 days you will need groceries or gasoline so you can see if a long term subscription to the service is worth it for you.

After the free trial, Walmart + costs $ 12.95 per month or $ 98 per year (compared to $ 119 per year on Amazon Prime). Sign up for Walmart + here.

Walmart + is finally live.  How to log in.

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