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How two little tech brands play the retail game

The introduction of new technical devices is notoriously difficult, especially when they are so diverse that they don’t exactly fit into an existing category, e.g. B. a lock without a key or a video projector that sits directly on a wall. What now?

Benjilock and Vava are two smaller electronics brands that launched these very same products and realized that retailing is essential in store, not anachronistic. One of the channels they use is B8ta, a small chain of boutique-style tech display cases. (Editor’s note: B8ta and CNET have partnered for in-person and online presentations.)

VAVA 4K UHD Short Throw Laser Projector

Vava makes a 4K video projector that sits closer to the wall and costs a lot less than many of the big names.

Sarah Tew / CNET

“As in the Apple stores, you feel it, you touch it and then you get the idea,” says Robbie Cabral, founder and CEO of Benjilock, who a Fingerprint recognition padlock manufactured by Hampton Products. “When you feel a product and see that it actually unlocks with your fingerprint, say ‘OK, I get it now'” ”

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Benjilock directions

Operating a Benjilock requires a little training and a new muscle memory.


And it’s not just the product that needs to be demonstrated, but also the brand, according to a manufacturer of state-of-the-art video projectors. “Our projector is nearly $ 3,000. You’re not talking about buying a $ 10 gadget,” admits Jeh Lin, director of business development at Vava. Manufacturer of an ultra-short 4K projector. “Not many people have heard of the Vava brand. People want to research, they want to see it in person.”

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According to Lin, a business like B8ta, where experience is paramount, can build trust that will help balance its brand against tech giants like Samsung. “I love Best Buy, but within B8ta they deliver a phenomenal experience,” says Lin, who also appreciates the fact that B8ta’s technology and store layout allow for a customer’s travel and time to interact with each product capture.

Robbie Cabral and Jeh Lin shared a number of additional insights into introducing new technology products with CNET’s Brian Cooley in the video above.

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