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HQ Trivia shuts down so we have more questions than answers

Bad news for quiz lovers everywhere: HQ Trivia, the live trivia game for mobile devices, is closed, according to CNN and its remaining 25 full-time employees are fired. On Friday, users tried to get leftover prize money – and error messages were displayed when trying to withdraw money.

The app started in 2017 and gained massive importance the following year by calling users twice a day for 1

5-minute video segments and the opportunity to win cash prizes by answering questions correctly. Together with an eccentric comic host, Scott Rogowsky, the addictive quiz game easily topped the App Store charts.

However, the company's internal problems made headlines just a year after it started. Complaints about late payouts and an explosive CEO shuffle quickly dropped the millions of die-hard users . (Co-founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll also founded the 6-second streaming platform Vine. Kroll died of an overdose in December 2018.) One of the most remarkable nightmares in HQ Trivia's public relations came after the controversial entrepreneur Peter Thiel as a lender was unmasked.

  HQ Trivia App Apple

In a CNN company-wide email, Yusupov said: "Major investors are no longer willing to fund the company, and HQ will effectively cease operations and move to liquidation today."

In early 2019, HQ Trivia announced that $ 10 million in advertising revenue had been generated . This was followed by sponsorships with General Motors Nike and Warner Bros.

Later that same year, in July, 20% of its employees fired, led other employees to leave . Due to reports of “low morale” and shortage of money, HQ Trivia has changed its business model to make more in-app purchases. As users became increasingly uninterested in the game, revenue began to decline and executives began developing other gaming apps such as HQX to get viewers' attention.

Ultimately, despite Yusupov's incentive to "find additional investors and partners to support the company's expansion," efforts failed, CNN said.

After some social media users heard the news, they wondered if they could still receive payouts from previous earnings. Some have tried to cash out their earnings using the app and have encountered error messages.

When Jean Henegan tried to withdraw money on Friday afternoon, she received an error message.

"I'm stuck at $ 13.85 [and] I can & # 39; No payout, ”Henegan told Digital Trends. "I have received payment notifications in the past two days, but I assumed that this was okay."

Henegan added that she had never received a payment notification.

HQ Trivia did not immediately return the request for a comment from Digital Trends, whether players would continue to award the cash prizes they collected in the game.

In its heyday, HQ Trivia had 15 million installations of all time. Last month, according to a Sensor Tower spokesman, it had only 67,000.

At least you will remember that it is a great way to make at 3pm. on a weekday.

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