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HTC shows its Proton VR Headset project

HTC has been working on VR headsets for some time. More recently, the company has removed a new conceptual VR headset that is being worked on. Called Project Proton, this is different than any VR headset we've seen on the market today and which feels more like safety glasses than a typical VR headset.

There are two versions of this VR headset that HTC has described. One of them is an all-in-one design, with the display on the front while the processing unit is on the back. This means that the processing unit is strapped to the back of the head when carried, which leads to a more uniform weight system in which not everything is housed in the front.

The second (see picture above) is more like safety glasses. With this design, users need to connect their own processing module, such as a smartphone or a computer. While this should reduce the overall volume and weight, we're not sure how comfortable such a setup will be. It also seems that there will be some kind of cable / wire.

Unfortunately, the HTC Proton project currently exists as a concept. The company notices that there are prototypes in its laboratories, but is not yet holding its breath. In a statement released to Engadget, HTC says: "Project Proton is a prototype of a future device in the XR glasses style from HTC Vive, which we hope to get feedback from the community as we continue to work on the product."

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