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HTC's Blockchain phones can now be purchased with fiat currency – TechCrunch

So far, Exodus 1 was aptly available only with cryptocurrency. However, as of today, interested parties can retrieve HTC's blockchain phone in a more traditional way, including the USD, which costs $ 699 for the handset.

Of course, assuming that you have enough interest in a blockchain phone, you assume that you already have some bitcoin, ether, or litecoin. However, this step is clearly aimed at increasing the growth of the product beyond the initial soft start. When the device hit the market last year, HTC clearly expected it to be sold in limited quantities to users who could support the product's beta-testing in the wild. In fact, the establishment of a formal bounty program is planned to detect and correct potential exploits.

However, HTC has long held that such a device will play an important role in the future of a company looking to break into the stagnant mobile industry. As Project Leader and Chen told me on stage at a TechCrunch event in Shenzhen last year, HTC "is as committed as they are to the Vive. I do not think it's the number one priority list, but I'd say it's number three or four.

When I spoke to Chen again this month before today's Mobile World Congress announcement, he told me that HTC is currently committed to 25 engineers for the project. It may not be big in the big system of a HTC-sized company, but it's a considerable amount of manpower, considering that most of the product is built with existing HTC hardware. The company has also called on external help, such as security chain expert Christopher Allen of Blockchain, to make sure things are as safe as possible.

And indeed, I've been carrying an Exodus One for a week now, and it feels like a pretty standard HTC handset, both in hardware and Android software, right up to the size it has the edge is meaningful.

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