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Huawei P20 Price Cut – Save 200 € on this SIM free offer to 399 €

The flagships of 2018 have really crossed the limits of the possibilities of mobile phones. We've seen unbelievable cameras, high-end performance and batteries that do not bother – and the Huawei P20 is no exception.

The P20 is one of the most affordable flagships of the year, but it still has quite a hefty price behind it that kept you from buying it until now – fortunately that has changed.

As Carphone Warehouse is part of its revenue on Black Friday. The price for the SIM-free phone now drops by over £ 200 and the price drops to £ 399 . This makes it one of the best smartphones you can get in this price range. But you have to hurry up … this offer will only be available for one week, so you can be eligible until next Friday, the 1

6th of November.

Huawei P20 from Carphone Warehouse | £ 599 £ 399 | 200 € Savings

The Huawei P20 was without a doubt one of the best phones of the year, and the only thing that could possibly stop you was the price. But now Carphone is offering it for £ 200 cheaper than the RRP – that's 33% savings – and it's becoming an extremely affordable high-end flagship.
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What distinguishes the Huawei P20?

Huawei has proven to be a serious competitor in the mobile game this year and now shows that Apple and Samsung are not the only companies that can take the best seats. The P20 and P20 Pro were two of the most outstanding phones of the year, with great cameras, massive rechargeable batteries with long life and excellent overall performance – and at a lower price than the flagships of the larger brands.

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