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Huawei racks up 5G network deals at MWC 2019 despite pressure

The Huawei hardware is being used in 5G network buildouts, but cellular carriers appear to be sending a message at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Huawei is here to stay. For now.

As the mobile industry's top annual event for carriers and hardware providers, MWC typically gives Huawei a great opportunity to shine on the global stage. GSMA for its contributions to the mobile industry.

That was before the Trump administration doubled its efforts to convince international allies to shun Huawei hardware. Over the past 12 months, U.S. Huawei's Gear to Surveillance and Control 5G cellular networks – a security risk that the world can not afford in the next era, as personal devices 5G-connected.

Huawei has roundly and repeatedly denied the accusations, most recently claiming there is "no evidence" to support the US government's accusations. In response to the lobbying effort, Huawei's 5G gear, others took a wait-and-see approach.

At MWC 201

9, Huawei took home another five GSMA awards across a broad range of categories, and more importantly, the 5G deals continued. Rain announced that it's using Huawei solutions in South Africa's just-launched first 5G network, and Swiss carrier Sunrise said it's using 5G service next month. Huawei announces similar deals with Bahrain's VIVA, Iceland's Nova, Indonesia's Telkomsel, Malaysia's Maxis, Saudi Arabia's STC, and Turkey's Turk Telecom.

While they are absent from that list, the show is still in progress, and it's highly likely that Huawei gear wants to make its way into more 5G networks than those already announced. United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and South Korea have not fully shut down Huawei out yet. [19659002Huawei'salmostaggressivelypricedhardwarefromtheircarriers'5GbuildoutsuseHuawei'shardwaretolimitHuawei'shardwaretoonlynon-corenetworkelements

For now, it seems to be developing countries – even those as large as India – are all but shrugging off US concerns. Several officials have said they are not concerned about abstract security threats from Chinese-made networking hardware. Huawei has been to confirm or disconfirm the allegations.

At this point, the question is whether or not the United States. wants to make a stronger case to get it's all to avoid Chinese gear, or even it's done pushing. Although the U.S. Huawei wants to be abruptly resolved, just as the smaller Chinese cellular company ZTE was somehow rescued at the very last minute from a full. ban last year. Huawei's situation will not be as simple as resolving ZTE's, but under the Trump administration, it's impossible to rule out the chance of a "fix" of some sort.

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