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HubSpot presents new content management system for marketers – TechCrunch

HubSpot, the Boston-based inbound marketing company, announced today that it is introducing a standalone content management system designed to make it easy for marketing professionals to add and update content.

While content management was in a sense the core of HubSpot from the beginning – many companies use their blogging platform, for example – the company developed this platform for marketers from scratch, says marketing director Kipp Bodnar.

“For me, the marketer of the website is one of the most ungrateful jobs you have. This is associated with a lot of pain. Your CEO asks you to update a biography, or your legal team needs new terms of use. Everyone is coming to you from anywhere, and managing websites is really painful, ”he said.

Angela DeFranco, head of product management at the company, said HubSpot wanted to solve this problem with a problem product specifically designed for the marketing team. “We wanted to develop a content management system and a set of tools that stand on their own and that can take away the pain of content management not only from the marketer, but also from the developer and the people who support the website,” she said

The product is based on the concept of themes that allow marketers and developers to design the website to get the look they want and the balance between what De Franco calls "the paradox between powerful and easy to label ”. use. ”

Developers can use the languages ​​in which they want to create the site while using the modular structure of the HubSpot CMS. At the same time, the modules offer marketing professionals a user-friendly interface through which they can frequently make changes to a modern website.

"If you actually get into the editor and pull in your event registration theme module, for example, it inherits the design and characteristics, overall appearance of that theme that the developers set up and tailored for your team," she said .

"The theme module is really at the core of how we were able to achieve it. Some of these more complex features and capabilities also make it easy to create a complete website as a marketer using drag and drop," added DeFranco.

HubSpot was founded in 2006 and raised over $ 1

00 million, according to Crunchbase data prior to its IPO in 2014.

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