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Hulu now accepts payments with Venmo

When it comes to online payments, you have your usual suspects, such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and, in some cases, Apple Pay. For most online platforms, this is a pretty normal price, but it seems Hulu is adding a new option for users paying for their services in the form of Venmo.

Venmo is usually associated with friends repaying each other for meals or purchases, but we suspect it makes perfect sense that it could be used for other purposes as well. According to Hulu's announcement, this is the very first TV streaming service that has entered into a partnership with Venmo.

According to Hulu Sign up for a new Hulu account and then pay with a few clicks to Venmo. You do not have to pull out your credit card and enter your card number. Simply log in to Hulu using your mobile web browser and choose Venmo as the payment option. From there, your Venmo Credit or linked payment method will be used for your monthly subscription. "

Using Venmo through PayPal or other payment services does not seem to be an added benefit, but Hulu says they just want to give users more choices and flexibility when it comes to using their platform and services to pay.

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