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HyperJuice’s new stackable GaN charger supports up to 1600W and 48 USB-C ports

Hyper, a device maker best known for their small and ultra-fast gallium nitride (GaN) chargers under the HyperJuice brand, is back on Kickstarter with a new connector that’s even more impressive than its last: a stackable GaN charger that one eye can wear – 1600 W passthrough power. This follows Hyper’s first 100W GaN charger, which was released via Kickstarter last fall and was available for purchase back in July.

The charger, which is available in a 65 W three-connector option (two USB-C and one USB-A) and a 100 W four-connector option (three USB-C and one USB-A) via an integrated connector The charger can be connected to a second unit in order to multiply the available pass-through power and to double the connections. (Or in case you don̵

7;t want to lose an outlet.) Hyper says you can stack 16 of the 100W model up to 1600W, 48 USB-C ports, and 16 USB-A devices on top of each other.

As a reference, 100 W is enough to power most laptops and charge a second smartphone or tablet at the same time. Take the power-hungry laptop out of the equation, and Hyper’s GaN chargers can easily support up to four devices at the same time – hence the four plugs on the 100W chip, even though the company is promoting its 100W model, the one iPhone or iPad can charge and MacBook Pro all at the same time.

The real benefit here, however, is the stackability of the chargers, so when plugging in the HyperJuice charger or stacking multiple devices on a wall socket, you can keep one socket to multiply the number of available ports.

Image: Hyper

9to5Mac I have to try the new HyperJuice to demonstrate its capabilities and it looks like a really impressive and well designed device:

Thanks to GaN, a much more efficient charging technology than conventional silicon that enables smaller and faster chargers, these chargers are as small as a box of peppermints. The 65W option measures 2.83 “x 1.42” x 1.2 “. The 100W option is 3.36 “x 1.77” x 1.20 “.

Photo: Hyper

These products aren’t cheap – the 65W model will retail for $ 80 sometime next year, while the 100W model will retail for $ 100. If you commit to Kickstarter today, you will be in the queue for a special Kickstarter discount of 40 percent from January 2021, as the early bird discount of 50 percent has unfortunately expired.

Hyper has surpassed its original target of $ 100,000 with orders in excess of $ 300,000 since this afternoon, but this company has a fairly successful track record on the platform after last year’s campaign. And the earlier devices are all available on Amazon, now if you’d prefer to pick one up while you wait.

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