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iBot G3 Review – MacRumors

If you're a fan of classic Mac designs, you may be interested in the iBot G3, a character modeled after Apple's legendary iMac G3, first released in 1998.

The iBot G3 was designed by Philip Lee, who had previously released another Mac-like character called Classicbot. The iBot G3 is Lee's latest project. Like the classic bot, it's also fun with one of Apple's original Mac designs.

There are two variants of the iBot G3, one in Bondi Blue and one in Tangerine. Both are two classic iMac G3 colors. The figures are made of plastic and injected with details that are very close to the design of the iMac iMac G3.

Injection molding can contain the smallest components. This means you get the classic iMac G3 design with a translucent drop-shaped case. The carrying handle on top and the side flap give a look at the internal components and even a small round mouse and keyboard.

The original design is so accurate that the inner components were also created separately, so you can see the hardware of the machine through the translucent outer shell.

You can see the CRT tubes, the front panel speakers, the vents, the CD drive, the power button (and the small keyboard power button), and all ports (hidden by an access panel with mouse) cable cutout) and the Location where the power cord is plugged in. The only thing missing is an Apple logo because it prevents Lee from lacking a trademark. The Apple logos at the top and back of the iMac G3 were replaced by small bot logos.

The display of the iBot G3 has two small eyes, because, as the name implies, it is a iMac that has been turned into a robot. It has detachable legs and magnetic arms and can stand alone (or sit). If desired, you can remove your arms and legs, add an included stand, and set it up as a more traditional [iMac with the keyboard and mouse as an accessory.

I like the fact that the iBot converts G3 because it offers the opportunity to those who prefer the iMac robot to use it in its own way, while others who are more likely to use a small iMac that looks rather Similar to the traditional design, it can be disassembled and presented as such. You can also pair them with a seated or standing iBot G3, where the keyboard and mouse are nearby.
Speaking of keyboard and mouse: These two accessories are pretty cute.

The mouse is about the size of my fingernail and is an exact miniature replica of the original round mouse that came with the iMac G3, while the keyboard has a translucent plastic case with black buttons.

The arms and legs of the iBot G3 are made of the same clear plastic of the case, so everything fits together nicely. The display is printed, which is worth mentioning. I think it would have been neat if it had a real electronic display, but that would have increased costs and would be much harder to implement.

However, it would be nice to be able to buy an iBot with different eye expressions, and I would have preferred a brighter movie, as the iBot's face can sometimes be a bit difficult to see out of the room, depending on the lighting conditions.

I do not have an iMac to compare the iBot with the iBot, but I have an iBook G3 that uses the same design elements. It's in Blueberry, which is pretty similar to Bondi Blue (though it's a bit lighter), so the color of the Bondi Blue iBot G3 is almost accurate. The tangerine color also looks very similar to images of the tangerine iMac G3.

The iBot G3 is not a toy and is intended for display. It is not made of the most durable plastics and I would not be too crude with that. I tore off the little hatch that you can use to look inside one of the models in an accident, but it snapped right back. Still, I worried that I might break it when I tried to put it back together.

The magnetic connection between the arms is not particularly strong and there are many small components, so this is not an ideal toy for a child. It's easy to lose the parts as many of the components are so small and the website displays a warning that the laminated cover of the display is prone to scratches. I had no problems, but I was also careful with it.

$ 39 is a bit expensive for an inanimate toy, but that's not uncommon for figures with this level of detail and it would seem that a reasonable price would be given if the iBot G3 looks like an iBot iMac G3.


If you're an Apple fan looking for interesting desk or shelf decorations for Apple, I do not think you'll be disappointed with the iBot G3. It's adorable, goes well with Apple products, and looks good in any home or office.

If you're looking for a gift for an Apple enthusiast, the iBot G3 is a great choice that will delight anyone who sees it. Hopefully, the artist, Philip Lee, will continue to make other figures like the iBot G3 based on classic Mac designs, as Apple fans would certainly have a collection of Apple device bots.


The iBot G3 can be purchased from the Classicbot website for $ 39.

Note: Classicbot provided MacRumors with two iBots for this review. No other compensation was received.

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