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iFixit takes a look at Apple’s Magic Keyboard

Apple’s Magic Keyboard works so well that it blurs the line between iPads and full-blown Macs. Now iFixit has taken a closer look at the inside of its keys as well as the robust, elegant trackpad, which we described as one of Magic Keyboard’s biggest selling points in our test. Apparently the trackpad uses a lever system with only one button in the middle. This means that you click this one button wherever you press the trackpad, whether it’s the corners, the edges, or the center of the structure.

Unfortunately, due to social distance rules, iFixit doesn’t have to disassemble the entire keyboard – the trackpad was the only part of the device that the team could easily disassemble. However, they scanned the inside of the keyboard with X-rays and found scissor switches (instead of butterfly switches). It also has large metal plates on which your palms normally rest to prevent bending, and act as weights to stabilize the device when connected to an iPad.

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