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“Immortals Fenyx Rising” is Ubisoft’s love letter to “Breath of the Wild”.

You play as Fenyx, a person who ends up using the power of the gods to save the world from an evil curse. I didn’t get a lot of backstory during a brief remote play session – but honestly I didn’t really need one. She is a powerful warrior who can glide and float with the wings of Daidalos, fight with swords and axes, and compete with giant mythical monsters. What else do you need to know?

The Breath of the wild Influences are clear from the start: Fenyx can climb and slide anywhere, but is limited by an endurance meter. Ubisoft can̵

7;t help but overcrowd their open world map with tons of symbols, but there are also quite a few visual cues to guide you towards your goals within the world. There are also many dungeons all over the world with puzzles to solve.

There’s so much Zelda in there Immortals: Fenyx Rising it’s almost embarrassing. Still, I enjoyed it throughout my session. Crossing the fantastic Greek island is a great thing whether you are walking, riding your (seemingly magical) steed or flying through the air. And the fight feels more like that Devil May Cry as Assassin’s Creed. I plunged headlong into battles, balancing my weapon skills with an array of divine powers. (And of course you can stealthily attack some enemies if you fail to sneak around.)

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