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Immortals Fenyx Rising shows lore and gameplay


Immortal Fenyx Rising has a brand new trailer that features new monsters. The game also shows off some of the gameplay along with what fans can expect.

Called once Gods & monsters, Immortal Fenyx Rising recently released two new trailers at the Ubisoft Forward Event. In case Ubisoft announced the upcoming release date. They also provided an excellent taste of how the game worked.

Players will embark on a journey of mythological proportions

Fenyx rises follows a standard female heroine, Fenyx, who was introduced as the “heroine of the gods”. The world of the immortals apparently implies that the powers of the gods have been sealed. It’s up to the player to collect them and travel across the country.

So far, the trailer shows how Fenyx fights a Minotaur and crosses fantasy Greece. There are also harpies and a humanoid spider that looks like the Hecatoncheires. Players will encounter giants, monsters and even Medusa themselves.

The game gets to the point with its mythological recalls. Players can use various weapons and elemental powers. What stands out the most are the lightning forces, probably from Zeus, and the winged Daedalus armor.

The game looks great and bombastic, with similar visual styles Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The colors they use are amazing and for fans who want to play BoTW Without a switch, this is a great analog.

Fenyx rises based on theogony

Immortal Fenyx Rising offered a second trailer that demonstrated the lore and gameplay of the game. Fenyx is a Greek warrior who was stranded off the mysterious Golden Island. Players meet Hermes, who asks the hero to save the gods from Typhon.

Typhon is the Ganondorf-type enemy in Fenyx Rising. In mythology, he is the youngest son of Gaea and Tartarus and holds a hundred dragon heads. Since Typhon overpowered the gods, the story seems to come during the battle between Typhon and Zeus.

Typhon overwhelmed all gods, including Zeus, until lightning defeated him. Ubisoft will likely follow the Theogony story and put Fenyx in the middle of it all.

Fenyx rises comes as a cross between Breath of the Wild and God of War. Players start out with the customizable look and feel of Fenyx. From there, they will begin to receive weapons, skills, and a variety of blessings from the gods.

The trailer confirmed that the item that players can use the most is the Daedalus’ wings. The wings allow players to jump higher and glide freely around the world. To like ZeldaThe game also includes platforms and puzzles.

Immortal Fenyx Rising will be released on December 3rd just in time for Christmas time. It will likely be available on PC as well as current and next-gen consoles.

Images courtesy of Ubisoft / Youtube Screenshot

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