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Improve your mood with a $ 20 discount on the Nintendo Switch Lite

Welcome to CHEAP, our series of things that are good, but above all, cheap. CHEAP!

I was on a trip to Taiwan in July and had no plans to make a significant purchase. But then I was on an electronics market with a few tech journalists. And I tell you, this is a dangerous situation for your bag.

After being "encouraged" by many people, I decided to buy a Nintendo Switch. And it brought joy into my life. I'm not a big player, but it was a device I could spend enough on.

While I bought the previous issue of the Nintendo Switch with a TV plug-in, if you just want to play something on-screen, you should consider the Nintendo Switch Lite. Mostly because the console is now sold for only $ 1

79, compared to the original price of $ 199 has no removable controls and a TV unit. However, you can achieve nearly six hours of battery life. It offers all the games available on the original switch, so you do not lose much.

Do not miss a sweet game action during the holidays. Get the Nintendo Switch Lite for Only $ 179 (US $ 20)

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Published on December 4, 2019 – 11:00 UTC


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