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In Apex Legends Season 5, ‘Broken Ghost’ is introduced as the first quest

The arrival of Apex Legends Season 5 will also bring a new game expansion called Quests, the first of which has been detailed. This quest is called “The Broken Ghost” and is about the new character Loba, a thief who was duly introduced earlier this month. Players must find nine pieces of an artifact and more, including daily challenges.

“The Broken Ghost” is the first season quest in Apex LegendsAccording to EA, who detailed the new game feature on their website this week. As part of this quest, players must find nine pieces of an “invaluable relic” that character Loba Andrade is looking for.

To participate, players must first collect treasure packs from ranked, duo and trio games. Players can receive a maximum of one per day and offer them rewards and new hunts for the relic fragments. In addition to these daily treasure packs, there are weekly hunts for the pieces themselves.

Every successful hunt gives players rewards and unlocks additional pieces of the whole “The Broken Ghost” story to reveal what the artifact is and why it is so important. Players who manage to find all nine relic pieces are promised rewards, and there is a joke about “uncovering a secret the Outlands may not be ready for”.

Quests have an obvious appeal: they give players a new reason to play daily and weekly, and help make the Battle Royale title feel fresh through both the expanded gameplay and storyline. Players can expect a total of 45 treasure packs this season, one of which is collective each day.

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