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In “Ghost of Tsushima” Sony saves the best for PS4 at the end

As a samurai game, you’ll cut and roll dice with hostile crowds using the Sakai family’s heirloom katana, but your wakizashi won’t spend much time in its vagina either. It is your primary tool for secretly murdering careless Mongols. This duality plays a role in one of the game’s larger themes. At the beginning, Sakai strictly adheres to the samurai code of honor, which requires a stand-up fight. But as history progresses and Sakai’s situation becomes more and more desperate, his morals and methods become more and more flexible. It is fascinating to see how he fights both internally and against the characters around him for the consequences of his actions.

Beyond his swords, Sakai goes into battle with a fast-firing halfbow and a stronger fullbow (though you̵

7;ll need to complete a number of missions to unlock it), as well as a wide range of ninja gear like kunai, smoke bombs, black powder grenades – all of these can be improved as you gain more experience. You also have access to a stunning variety of armor, each of which can be upgraded, granted a specific set of status bonuses, and can be endlessly customized with different color sets and discoverable skins. You won’t find health packs in the Tsushima wilderness. However, your expandable resolve bar replenishes your health and drives your special movements.

In terms of mechanics, you won’t see anything particularly revolutionary. In fact, I’ve found numerous similarities with other popular adventure titles during this game. For example, the combat system with its light and heavy strikes, parrable and non-blockable attacks really reminded of that Batman Arkham Series, except of course with swords. The flora and surroundings of Tsushima have convinced me more than once that I am playing Horizon: Zero Dawn. The platform aspects are very similar to those Uncharted Series (but far more automated) and you even have one Seikiro-like gripping hook to use.

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Sucker Punch / Sony

Although these individual aspects are not groundbreaking in themselves, Sucker Punch has managed to blend them seamlessly, improve the overall gaming experience and polish into something truly phenomenal. The side missions are easy to repeat – there is never a farmer in danger – and although you won’t find the same level of exaggerated grandiose, god-killing action God of War or the huge explorable map of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (although you have a horse) ghost delivers a detailed world and an incredibly exciting story that will make you cheer. As with your customizable armor, it’s entirely up to you how you record the story. ghost offers three levels of difficulty, subordinate and synchronized dialog options, as well as a wild black and white Kurosawa mode that mimics old 35mm footage.

Although ghost It has aspects similar to other AAA titles, and offers tons of unique details and small details that really bring the story to life. During his travels, Sakai will come across onsen (Japanese hot springs) that fill and expand his health bar, cut through bamboo training bars to improve his resolve, visit Shinto and Inari shrines to collect stat-boosting charms and talismans and even compose haiku at scenic vantage points. You can challenge groups of enemies in standoffs to achieve one-hit kills, or engage in vibrant samurai duels against other sword masters. End fallen but not yet dead enemies with the End Suffering Move (also known as a sting when they’re down). If your katana is still bloody after the fight, you will automatically wipe it off before enveloping it again. There’s even an arch command so you can show your respect for shrines properly. However, my favorite detail is the waypoint arrow. There is not For one thing, you will be guided to your next destination by following the wind direction that blows across the landscape.

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