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In October, we appreciate Animal Crossing’s Wisp

For sure, Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘Resident Ghost, Wisp, can be pretty annoying. Because no, I don’t have time every time I say hello to him to collect five ghost pieces and put him back together. I pushed you around for 10 minutes getting you to the perfect photo spot, Wisp! You tell me that you didn’t notice?

(This is not to be ignored that he always gives trash rewards too!)

Either way is Halloween season. It’s Wisp’s time to shine. I hug Wisp in October, collect his ghost pieces, but mostly leave him alone so as not to scare him. It seems like other people do too. Wisp̵

7;s presence is in particular Welcome to this month, and definitely having it is a mood.

I think what matters is something Polygon’s Patricia Hernandez wrote about last month: the capture Animal Crossing: New Horizons“Irresistible mood.” A perfectly crafted screenshot after puffing Wisp around for minutes and topping it off with a seasonal filter is like a postcard, she wrote.

Wisp blends in seamlessly with the aesthetic everyone is aiming for in October: fall and fall styling with a touch of Halloween scary. New Horizons In any case, players were preparing for the season long before the October update to create the perfect season experience. Drop by Wisp? That’s just the icing on the cake.

And so we appreciate this October Wisp. For this month only, I will forgive you for giving me a trash can when I chose an expensive reward.

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