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Industry insiders reveal interesting information about PlayStation 5

This week has been absolutely phenomenal for Xbox fans. Although the price and launch date of the Xbox Series X and S were announced ahead of schedule, it was still a huge win for Microsoft. But since the announcement, all eyes have been on Sony as there isn’t a word on the PlayStation 5 yet.

There have been several rumors of an announcement from Sony in the past few weeks. The most exciting rumor was that an event was scheduled for September 9thth. Strangely, it was Microsoft who made the announcement that day. Now a popular industry expert has published some interesting information on this.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted a photo of the contents of the digital box for PlayStation 5 and PS5. Check it out below.

He added by saying “This is from a dealer in Hong Kong. So probably region-specific. Just for info.”

Many fans may think that this is general information. But surprisingly, this is one of the rare, believable, and believable leaks that has popped up in regards to PS5 because Sony has been absolutely amazing at keeping things under wraps. This was also one of the key factors in building the console hype.

Sony shouldn’t wait too long to reveal details about the PlayStation 5


But Sony may want to pick up the pace, considering the details of the Xbox Series X and S are already known. Both consoles have great prices that don’t seem too heavy a burden for next generation consoles. Another area Microsoft has smashed into is Xbox Game Pass, which announces its partnership with EA Play at no additional cost. This is another incentive for customers. In addition, the Xbox All-Access makes it much easier for customers to purchase the Game Pass and the console without feeling the immediate financial burden.

With this in mind, there are still questions about the PlayStation 5 that need to be answered. The price, the start date and the starting titles have yet to be officially confirmed. Sony needs to take action as they don’t want to wait too long before making an announcement. Xbox’s announcement started the “console war” and fans can expect a Sony event in the coming weeks.

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