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Instagram is considering charging a fee for tagging links in captions

A newly discovered patent application suggests that Facebook’s own photo-sharing platform Instagram may be considering charging a fee for adding links to captions.

The patent application displays a popup when the user adds a URL to a caption and asks if the user would like to pay $ 2 to go live with the link, reports The Verge.

“When the on-line system detects that the text content of the label contains a sequence of link text that identifies an address, the on-line system will ask the posting user to pay a fee to create a link,” it says in the patent application.

However, if Instagram implemented this feature, the question would be would users want to pay $ 2 per link.

Meanwhile, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said in a blog post last week that they̵

7;ve been reviewing the way the photo sharing platform reviews accounts over the past two months and have made changes to the review process as a result.

Mosseri said the number of followers is never required to receive a verification badge.

“While the number of followers was never required to be verified via the in-app form (which anyone can request), we had certain systems in place that prioritized high-following accounts to handle the tens of thousands of requests that each day. We have since removed this from the automated part of the process, “he wrote.


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