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Instagram is testing a “Personal Fundraiser” feature – TechCrunch

Instagram announced a new tool for personal fundraisers today. The company claims to start a small test of the feature that users can link directly to a fundraiser from their profile page. The test will initially run on Android in the U.S., UK and Ireland, followed by iOS. According to Instagram, while users can choose to start a thing or support an existing one, all fundraisers are checked first to make sure they comply with existing guidelines and rules.

These rules include a list of supported donation categories and details of when a fundraiser would not be approved. The same rules apply to Facebook fundraisers.

To start personal fundraisers, users with access to the function tap “edit profile”

;, “add fundraiser” and then tap “collect money”. Then select a photo, select the donation category and enter further details to tell the story and promote donations. After approval, you can collect donations for 30 days and only extend the fundraiser once for another 30 days.

In other words, the function should support more time-critical causes and not serve as a replacement for ongoing fundraisers.

Donations to the fundraiser itself are provided by Facebook Pay, which also supports Instagram’s new shopping functions.

In the coming months, Instagram will expand the function so that users can share their fundraiser in both their feed and stories.

The addition is not the only way Instagram supports fundraising.

The company had already offered eligible charities and supporters to raise funds for charities with story-based donation stickers and, more recently, with a live donation feature for live streams. As the company pays fees to nonprofits, it charges personal fundraisers based on the country in which the fundraiser is located.

Fundraising has become a popular activity on all Facebook platforms. Since January, users have raised more than $ 65 million for COVD-19 and racial justice initiatives and causes on Instagram and Facebook. And in the past 30 days, donations on Instagram in the United States have doubled

The Personal Fundraisers test is being conducted for a small number of users, but Instagram is planning to expand the feature in the coming months.

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